Personal defense handguns – Importance for women

Defence is a gene controlled mechanism in every organism. Every life on the world is created with some measures to defend itself. Even the plants have their own defence mechanisms such as thorns and bitter chemicals that help them to protect themselves from the herbivores.

Self Defense

Self Defense (Photo credit: Pioneer Library System)

The human body also have its own defence mechanism against the disease causing bacteria and viruses, but when it comes to physical defence, humans are a bit on the weaker side.

Need of personal defense

Human beings are creative mammals. He makes his brain work to find things that he needs. In the present situation of increased crime in the society personal defence has become a major concern.

Especially for women who need to stay out of home till late nights, personal defence is a vital issue. Not only the women, even the men are not safe, a small bit of money, a costly handset, even a costly watch comes out to be the cause of a death. In this situation personal-defense-handguns can come very useful for self-protection.

Personal defence handguns

There are different types of personal-defense-handguns, which can be very useful for the purpose. A Derringer, Glock or Beretta 92, anyone can be of your choice. There are guns which are reliable, accurate and suits buyer’s needs. You just need to pick up the right one suitable for your purpose.

But before you own a handgun, it is important that you hold a license. Firearms even if used as personal-defense-handguns need a strong and matured mind behind the trigger to not to misuse its bullets.

Some more info

There are stun guns as well, which can be used for the purpose of self-defence. A stun gun is basically an electronic device that comes with high charge retention capacity and can deliver a shock of more than 250000 volts at a single instance, and can be easily recharged and reused. This device can be very useful for self- protection.

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