Preparing Your Home For Hurricane Season

Whether you have heard the forecast or not, you will be able to tell when foul weather is coming; schools and businesses will close in a hurry and in the stores, you will see people buying lots of food, batteries and drinking water that they are going to store up. You will also see people who have the means and the desire to start moving out of town using their cars and others by plane.

Since people realize that their homes are the largest investments, there you may see other nailing boards as a form of hurricane preparation and using tarpaulin to wrap up their cars. When you hear that a hurricane is coming, nailing two by fours all over the exterior of your house is a good thing but there is more that you can do in hurricane preparation than that.


One of the best forms of hurricane preparation can be done as part of home remodeling if you live in a hurricane-prone area.

You should especially think about window replacement so that you replace your standard windows with some strong durable hurricane-proof glass so that you are not caught off-guard every time there is a storm in town. It is an open secret that one of the most damaged parts of the home during any storm or hurricane is the glass.

While the floodwaters could spare your home if you are lucky, flying debris and high winds will easily wreak havoc on these very delicate portals.

According to Surveyors in Kent the good news is that you can start your hurricane preparation program well in advance by considering window replacement using high strength and impact resistant windows as a permanent solution to this problem.

If you live in an area where there are any chances of a hurricane, you don’t have to wait for a forecast that there is one in the offing before you start making your hurricane preparation plans.

While the cost of replacing glass after every hurricane may not be too high, when this is done year in year out it finally adds up to beyond what you could have spent by putting the durable hurricane resistant windows.

While these window replacement options are incredibly strong, they are not unbreakable. Rather, they are made to be highly resilient and break far less easily. The real hurricane preparation comes from the fact that when they do finally succumb to high winds the glass does not shatter and fly into the house.

The costs of any window replacement that is done as a form of hurricane preparation may not really be justifiable if they were done only for that short time during some summer periods. You want to take advantage of the fact that he kind of glass that is used is so strong that it protects your home against burglary as well.

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