Three Tech Devices to Improve Your Love Life

Technology isn’t all about sending people into space, compute enormous amounts of data, communicating in an instant with anybody on the planet, or keeping ourselves entertained with applications that make our lives easier and funnier.

Improve relationship

There are gadgets and gizmos there that can actually improve one’s love life or at least control some less… likable aspects of couples living together or couples still courting the idea of building a relationship.

If smart and imaginative scientists can provide us with kitchen devices that almost can cook food by themselves, why wouldn’t other gadgets help people build strong, stress – free relationships?

1.       The Larklife

This is for stable couples that face the ever stressing problem of having different schedules. And while one wakes up in a complete state of paranoia and grumpiness having to go to work, the other one curses the day alarm clocks were invented.

Larklife is a smart wrist band connected to a smartphone which gently vibrates in the morning to get people up and ready for a new day, without waking up the other bed partner.

Granted, some people can’t get up even with an alarm loud enough to warn an air attack, but they say that if you can get used to the wrist vibration, your couple waking-up-in-pain mornings might slowly disappear.

2.       The electronic cigarette

Admit it, you’ve never thought about this device as a relationship booster, have you? But think about it: the electronic cig is sleekly designed, it produces pleasantly smelling vapors and doesn’t mandate the vaper to go outside during a date, in order to use the e-cig. What’s there not to enjoy?

These include e-liquid and electronic cigarette starter kits, which allow for the devices to be charged through a USB and contain just about everything that a beginner vaper might need.

With a market that has been steadily growing for the past ten years in the United States alone, it’s safe to say that e-cigs are revolutionizing dating culture much in the same way that smartphones did, some years back.

3.       The blanket that heats things up

Or chills them down, as you will find out. How many times did you get to have a “talk” with your partner about who’s stealing the blanket at night leaving the other one at the mercy of cold? Or how many times did you threw away the blanket over the other one, unable to stand the heat?

Some smart people from Chili Technologies invented the Chili Pad. It is not a blanket, but a mattress that can have a half heated up by 118 degrees while keeping the other half chilled down to even 46 degrees. So now while sharing the same cover, two people can easily match the right temperatures for one’s favorite side of the bed.

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