Tips for Hiring an Electrician

Many times if there is a small electrical problem such as replacing a blown fuse, installing a light switch, or replacing an outlet the homeowner can do but for the bigger electrical problems you will need an electrician in San Diego.  If you have never had the need for an electrician’s services or new in town, how do you know which electrician to choose.  First, you should ask friends and family for references.  You can also look online for local electricians or your local phone book.  Make a list of three or four electricians and then following these tips, it will help you narrow it down to your new San Diego electrician.


  • References—make sure that they give you at least two or three current references that you can call to make sure that they carried out their work safely and that the customer was satisfied with the job they done. You should also ask if they were reliable and were there on time and if they were courteous.  You do not want an electrician who shows up late or not at all, especially if you have had to take time off work, or one that is difficult to work with.
  • Credentials—all electricians need to be licensed. If you want to check out the licensing requirements for your city, you can find it out from the building department.  They should also know the state and local building and electrical codes.
  • Liability insurance—this would cover anyone, including themselves, who is injured as a result or during their work on your electrical problem. This also includes damage to fittings or property.
  • Costs—get an itemized estimate from the electricians on your list for the electrical work needed done so you can compare them. When hiring get the estimate that was agreed upon in writing.
  • Warranty—make sure the San Diego electrician you hire gives you a warranty on the work they do.

If there is anything that puts your home, family and all the belongings at a very serious risk of an electrical fire, it is messing around with the electrical wiring. However, this hasn’t stopped thousands of people all over the place thinking that they can always sort out electrical problems in their own homes and save their money. Even without the slightest amount of training, thousands of dads, moms and teenagers will always feel like hiring a residential electrician to do some work is a waste of their hard earned cash. The sad thing is that a good number of people with such an attitude almost always end up in a hospital or even worse; choosing to hire a general electrical contractor is always the smart thing to do when you are dealing with electricity.

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