Addictive Nature, Signs, and treatment Options of Marijuana in Houston

Marijuana may be a problem for some people. Addiction can be recognized by the presence of tolerance to cannabis and the onset of symptoms of withdrawal. More than 500,000 people sought help for marijuana addiction in 2020, a significant increase from the 300,000 who sought help in 2015.

Marijuana: How Dangerous Is It?

Cannabis is classified as an addictive substance by both NIDA and DSM-5. A marijuana use disorder (or marijuana addiction) can result from using marijuana, according to NIDA. DSM-5 now recognizes cannabis use disorder as a medical condition. As with other forms of substance addiction problems, folks who use the drug frequently may acquire the same symptoms and harmful behaviors. Addiction to other drugs or alcohol are common in people with a cannabis use disorder. Alcoholism, cocaine addiction, and opiate addiction are all possibilities for some people.

What Is It About Marijuana That Makes It Such a Compulsive Drug?

When someone has a marijuana use disorder, it is common for them to become physically dependent on the drug, making it impossible to function regularly without it. After stopping or reducing marijuana use, a person may experience symptoms like irritability and difficulties sleeping and lack of appetite, cravings, and restlessness. Tolerance develops when a person needs to use more marijuana to get the same high or when the high diminishes when the exact dosage of marijuana is used again.

Symptoms of Marijuana Addiction

While smoking marijuana, THC is rapidly transferred from the airways to the blood circulation and finally to the brain for its intoxicating effects. Some of the consequences of marijuana use include the following: Some of the symptoms include:

  • A shift in their senses
  • Problems with reasoning and problem-solving
  • Change in their time perception
  • Changes in their emotions

If you consume a lot of it, you run the risk of major side effects. Toxic effects such as delusions, hallucinations, and psychosis are possible when marijuana or a potent strain is used in large doses.  Other effects include:

  • Severing ties with close friends, relatives, and others
  • Socializing with other people who use marijuana
  • Issues with education or employment

Researches have shown that marijuana can be addictive, even though marijuana’s side effects may not always indicate addiction. According to NIDA, marijuana users may develop negative connections with it. Adverse effects are more likely to occur if a person consumes a lot of marijuana.

Signs of Marijuana Abuse

These symptoms may be an indicator of marijuana abuse.

  • Cognitive, social withdrawal, and memory problems
  • Owning marijuana-related paraphernalia like lighters, plastic bags, cotton swabs, and rubbing alcohol
  • Changes in heart rate and an increased risk of heart attack
  • Using deodorizers or perfumes to hide the smell of smoke

The Best Marijuana Addiction Rehabilitation in Houston

There are various marijuana addiction treatment options abound in Houston for those who need them. At top-notch clinics like Skyward Treatment Center, inpatient, detox, outpatient, and aftercare treatments are all available. If you are battling marijuana abuse disorder, we can help you or your loved one recover control by calling us right away.

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