Facts About Celebrity Eating Disorders and Diets They Follow

If you have heard about eating disorders, it is not a minor thing to leave it. This is a serious health issue and has to be dealt with carefully.

Most of those who have this disorder are mocked about their problem, however, the reality is not so. Considered as a psychological disorder, this has to be carefully treated once it is identified. This has been across various celebrities due to their busy and precious lifestyle.

Celebrity Eating Disorders


The ethical question that comes into our mind is why this has become a psychological disorder?

Media has an important role to it apart from the deadly effects the disorder creates upon one’s body.

However, this article will give you about the eating disorders, its characteristics, and the ways to cure it.

Symptoms and Psychological Disorder

One of the most common eating disorder that affects an individual is anorexia.

One who is affected by anorexia feels that he is very fat and overweight being the fact that he is skinny and with correct weight.

It affects their memory, they often feel faint and light-headed.

Most of the women will miss the menstrual period or sometimes get late periods.

They will also have muscle and joint pains, kidney stones, constipation, and vitamin & minerals deficiency. This also reduces their immunity resistance power.

Bulimia is another psychological disorder. As compared to anorexia, people with this disease are over-eaters.

They usually are much concerned about excessive eating habits and will consider taking dieting.

Anxiety, depression, and similar other factors will build up in the mind leading to severe psychological imbalance.

They stay away from social gatherings, will restrict to stay inside a room or such that it ultimately makes them isolated from the outside world.

Sore throats, heartburn, stomach ache are other symptoms of health disorders.

Celebrity Eating Disorders – The other side of being Slim

You see that most of the Celebrities look skinny and as a fan, you start following their healthy look to get in shape without dieting. However, the reality is shocking.

They are prone to anorexia or bulimia due to excessive consciousness in losing weight and about diet controls.

Although they had undergone the weight loss surgery they do not follow the right habits that need to be followed after surgery.

So, as a result a wrong message is being passed when celebrity eating disorders are misunderstood by the public.

If you see an article where you find a person who is dying by an eating disorder, the next page can show you underweight model advertising for a product.

These underweight images pass the wrong message that staying skinny makes someone healthy.

When celebrities are exposed to weight loss disorders, the consumers spend a large chunk of their saving with workouts and dieting to stay ‘Skinny’ following their role model.

It is also seen than drugs and various liquids are injected and consumed to stay fit. But, it will be too late to realize that these so-called ‘fitness medicines’ are stressing one’s body.

Know about your Metabolism

Eating disorders have taken the life of many celebrities too however, the fact is that media doesn’t expose it considering the goodwill.

To conclude, everyone has their own body tone. Our metabolism and shape have to be well agreed and considered to be beautiful.

Celebrity eating disorders can be well tackled away if we are serious about our eating habits and a good amount of exercise.

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