Flowers now used as herbal medicines

Till date, flowers were just the objects of beauty, fragrance and decoration. But modern science has revealed that flowers have a great ability to cure severe health disorders. Earth has above 10million varieties of flower species and almost each flower has different medicinal property in it.

Flower sad

Flower sad (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

Experts, botanists and therapists have spotted that flowers like lilies, roses, Bluebells can treat mental and physically disabled patients. Homeopaths, herbal therapists and naturalists are using flowers as herbal medicines since hundreds of years.  Beach flower treatment is one of the most famous flower therapies.  It is used by a large number of homeopathic doctors world-wide.  This therapy assists in vanishing problems like stress, depression and insomnia.

The extracts of flower are combined with water and brandy in equal proportions. Different names are gives to the flower therapies according the colors they have.

For example blueberries are used in blue therapy. Blue therapy is used to cure sleep apnea and thereby achieving the overall health and fitness for people.

Similarly, jade therapy uses green zinnias which are helpful in strengthening nervous system.

It is like reincarnating the whole immune system altogether. The therapy is slow yet steady influence on the human body. Various flowers are used to cure different ailments depending upon the sex and age of the patients.

Olives and sunflower are best flowers used as herbal medicines. claims that both the flowers have oils that have positive effect over the human hair and skin. Sunflower`s oil is used as a cooking oil which controls cholesterol significantly.  Thus it is prescribed to the patients who suffer from cardiovascular diseases.

Oil of rose is also helpful in curing skin ailments. The extracts of roes are used in manufacturing facial cosmetics, creams and herbal soaps. Flower therapies have given a new platform to the medical science. Though it has severely improved medication but the doctors are still needed to make attempts to learn the secrets flower powers.

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