How To Enjoy Your Southern California Vacation

If you have never visited Southern California and are preparing to, you may want to keep a few helpful tips and tricks in mind for your trip ahead. While SoCal is certainly privy to some of the world’s greatest weather, destinations and vistas, there are a few things you will want to do to prepare for your visit. If you are flying into the area, your packing methods alone can help to determine how easily you will be able to manage on-the-fly once on the ground.

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English: Snow on the mountains of Southern California (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Packing Tips! (A few things to keep in mind for a smooth trip to sunny Southern California.)

Liquids and Security

If you are traveling by plane, make it easier on yourself and everyone by just refraining from packing any unnecessary liquids. While it is nice to arrive at your location with shampoos, lotions and bath gels, those long searches, weighing and measurements at the airport security desk will not be time, money or resources preserved. Simply head to a local drug store once you have landed in Southern California and buy travel-sized bottles to use during your stay. This way you will also be able to easily ditch the remains before you re-board your return flight and return to those long security detail lines.

Roll, Don’t Fold

Taking a viable tip from some of the world’s greatest backpackers who stuff their small carrying elements with month’s worth of clothing, roll your clothing items up, do not fold them. Not only does this allow you more room for packing, but it also makes them less prone to forming deep creases on those fold lines. Most travelers who use the roll method share that any minor wrinkles their clothing receives using this method are easily kinked out by sharing the bathroom during a hot shower upon arriving at their accommodations. No need to drag out a hotel iron to work out deeper folds or creases.

Use Packing Aids When Needed

If you do have to pack for an extended trip or vacation, make sure to use any and all packing aids that may help. Some packing aids include baggies that vacuum-lock to enable more room once the air is removed from the baggy. These are commonly called compression sacks. Depending on your airline’s luggage policies, this may help you save immensely on additional airline fees.

California Travel and Packing Tips

Because California is extremely diverse in terms of climate, attractions, events, activities and landscape, a vacation to this sunny state could mean the need for a variety of items. If you are headed for the theme parks or sunny beaches of Southern California, you may want to keep on hand at least one item of heavier clothing that can be layered over lighter wear when the weather turns chilly.

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