Millie and Cupcake

For many kids the experience of loving and bonding their first pet is exciting and memorable. It remains that way throughout their life. Millie and Cupcake is another educational yet a charming story of a little girl and her pet. It is different pet that many children would think twice to have it as a pet. Cupcake is a small rat pet of Millie.

Millie and Cupcake Cupcake is the pet rat of Millie, and readers will be delighted as they learn what rats actually like loving, caring, trainable personality and most importantly highly intelligent who gives you an immeasurable value to the people’s lives. The author Mildred Potash has very impeccably and sensitively portrayed the story keeping in the mind the mindset of the kids. Born and brought up in Brooklyn, New York. An being a pet lover, she enjoyed writing this book for kids.

Mildred Potash during her childhood had got rats as a pet and the intelligence, warmth and the appreciation of her pet rats inspired her to write this storybook. Story hearing is kids favorite pass time, whether it is in the form of animation or book. Kids love the imaginations and that is how they gradually start bonding with their favorite characters and Millie and Cupcake characters are no different.

Stories are a good way to teach your kids new things like showing love and respect to their fellow people. The grasping level of kids is sharp and they pick up very easily, hence making them understand through stories is great way to make them learn quickly. Millie and Cupcake story portrays good bonding and love. The story shows how these pets can be part of your life and be a great companion. Immense love and caring is shown between these two characters and how they deal with various circumstances is portrayed wonderfully.

To buy this paperback copy, it is now widely available on various online portals as well. The deals and discount that you would get while shopping for this book online will be rare in a physical book store. Ordering online will be beneficial to you and give your child this pleasant, smiling surprise.

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