Why Planning Is Everything When It Comes To Indian Weddings

When it comes to having a wedding, it can feel a little hectic as there are hundreds of small details that need to be remembered or discussed and Indian weddings are especially mind-boggling, more so to those who don’t share the culture.

With interracial marriages on the rise, you may find yourself having to adopt the Hindu religion for your wedding ceremony and you need to be sure what you will need and what it will all entail.

  Indian wedding

Unlike your average UK wedding, Indian weddings are not all about white dresses and marrying in churches.

The UK is a very Christian country and some of us do not realize that other religions celebrate weddings in a totally different way.

To start they do not wear white, but they wear bright and beautifully bold colors such as reds, oranges, yellows, and greens.

The women will wear a variety of jewels and jewelry, showing wealth and celebrating prosperity.

They also can last for several days with between 100 to 10,000 guests.

According to a wedding planner in Jaipur planning in these cases is crucial as there are dozens of major factors that need to be noted and you cannot rely on friends and family to do all the work for you.

A lot of Indian marriages are planned by the parents of the bride and groom so the majority of the initial wedding plans will be made by them.

The emphasis of the day is on the coming together of the two families over the actual couple getting married. It is a celebration of those who are nearest and dearest to you.

Traditionally it is the parents of the bride and groom that will do all of the running around finding suitable venues and inviting guests but as popular culture creeps evermore into everyday life it is more common these days for Indian families to invest their wealth and time into a wedding planner.

Wedding planners can be found all over India and they all have bundles of experience and greatly unique ideas.

With Indian weddings being a fairly lavish event – costing the equivalent of £30,000 on average – you can afford to set some money aside for a top of the range planner.

Wedding planners in Delhi, for example, can be found at reasonable prices and are worth the money you pay because of just how much time and effort is put into every single Hindu wedding.

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